About Us

The Journey of a Thousand Cups Begins with a Single Sip

At The Tea Shoppe, we believe the calming sensation that comes from drinking tea is universal. The ingredients and flavoring of the tea reflect the different cultures among us, bringing us together. It's magical to have a few leaves that produce hundreds of variety in flavors, while being healthy at the same time. We have a tea for every occasion and every person, whether you're an avid tea drinker or not. Our primary focus is to bring you a diverse selection of flavors to suit every mood you're in. We're proud of our tea selection that is specially picked and tested by our tea experts to ensure quality blends. Each blend has its own style and balance. Which tea will soothe your palate and senses? Join us, and together we'll discover which amazing blend is your favorite. 

The Tea Shoppe is just as diverse and unique as its flavors. From the variety of teas, frozen yogurt, and baked goods, we have a treat for everyone. Often described as a "hidden gem" in Howell, we provide an uplifting calming atmosphere that will entice you to stay under the lights of our indoor pergola forever. The Tea Shoppe is a place like no other and is a sight to see with your own eyes, as pictures do not do it justice. The venue's one of a kind design is the perfect place for any occasion whether it's meeting a friend or celebrating a special event. We strive to provide a unique experience from design, service, and product. 

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